Why is forklift refresher training required?

Most regulatory authorities demand forklift re-training at varying intervals.  Why is this?  Because we are human, because operators forget the rules, because people become complacent, and more than any other reason because accidents continue to occur all too frequently.  Just in the last 2 weeks, here are some examples of what has happened in the forklift world:

At an Evraz mill in the USA, a 53 year old employee was fatally struck by a forklift that was moving materials.

In Victoria, Australia, a truck driver underwent surgery after being struck by a reversing forklift as he was standing near the front of his vehicle.

In the USA, a forklift truck operator was airlifted to an area hospital after his legs were pinned under the equipment.

So next time you think it is a pain to have to re-train operators, try to focus on why it is necessary.

For info on forklift re-training in Vancouver and surrounding areas: https://www.martinsforklift.com/recertification.htm