Why Get Forklift Training

Why You Have to

Every single day a forklift or aerial lift accident occurs, ranging from devastating fatalities to serious injuries, equipment and product damage or even building destruction. Simply put, in untrained hands mobile equipment can be a dangerous liability for you and your workforce. This is why forklift training is a requirement. What you need to know as an employer — the bottom line — is that operators must be trained, and trained to a specific standard.

Here are the BC regulations for forklift training:

Why You Want To

When it comes to forklift training: you must do it, you must do it right and it’s the right thing to do.

Protect your people

Employees are your biggest cost. Trained operators are an asset not a liability.

Protect your business.

Provide a safe working environment for workers and customers.

Protect your equipment.

Trained operators take more pride in the job leading to less equipment downtime.

Protect your product.

Trained operators are more efficient and accurate causing less product damage.

Why Train With Us

Forklift training is an investment and we guarantee results. We truly believe in what we do and care about our clients. We know a flexible, friendly approach ensures operators learn not just what and how but also why. We know that every client’s needs are different, and a cookie-cutter forklift certification or online program doesn’t cut it.

Training is not the end of the story. We offer ongoing support:

  • Help with pre-shift inspection systems
  • Feedback on how to improve forklift safety
  • What you need to comply with regulations
  • Suggestions on pedestrian safety measures
  • Recommendations for forklift maintenance
  • Hints for supervisors of forklift operators
  • Tips for writing your own in-house forklift policy
  • Certification and recertification programs
  • Replacement evaluations if documents are lost
  • Regular safety updates via our newsletter