Why do I need to inspect my forklift?

This is a subject which comes up again and again.  So let’s set the record straight.

  • The operator is responsible for inspecting the forklift before using.
  • The supervisor is responsible for making sure they do so.
  • The employer is responsible for getting it fixed.

But . . . don’t make it just a box checking exercise.  The reason for inspecting is to make sure there are no problems that will make the equipment unsafe to use.  If an operator continues to use the machine, or a supervisor encourages them to do so, or an employer does not get it fixed, then everybody is to blame when an accident occurs because the equipment was not repaired.

It’s not a CYB exercise, but a real requirement for a real reason that can make a life changing difference.

When you get on a plane you hope they inspected it – right?  And you hope they used a checklist (not just checking from memory), and you really hope that if it was unsafe they would not take off.