When should I replace my forklift tires?

Tires are a maintenance item – this means when they are worn out they must be replaced.

Why?  Worn tires mean less traction, more wear and tear on other components, a bumpier ride for the forklift operator and the load – all of which compromise safety.

Outdoor forklift tires wear faster if you are driving on uneven surfaces or rough concrete, or if you drive too fast and spin those wheels.

Tires on reach trucks will wear faster if you don’t keep your warehouse floor clear of debris of any kind and eventually will debond.

Tires are not cheap but they must be considered a regular maintenance item and as such should be checked by forklift operators on their daily pre-use inspection.  How to inspect your tires, whether they are solid tires, cushion tires or pneumatic tires, is always covered during our forklift training program.

This tire is toast!

worn forklift tire