When is forklift retraining required?

We often get asked when forklift retraining is required.  In B.C. this is every 2 years, or in case of an accident or incident attributable to operator error.

When it is due to operator error the idea is to provide specific retraining that covers areas where the operator is deficient.  Sometimes this can be as simple as reminding an operator the basics of handling a load safely, or site specific issues an operator has not been paying attention to.  It is not always easy to answer why an operator made a mistake because we are all humans, but it is the duty of any employer or supervisor to try to identify what went wrong to prevent a recurrence and take corrective action.

Simple questions to start with: does the operator need glasses, was the operator tired or medicated, is there undue pressure to perform the work quickly?

In any event an operator who has made a serious mistake should not be allowed to operate again until the incident is thoroughly investigated.