Trapped between forklift and roller door

So many things went wrong in this accident resulting in serious injury for the worker and a large fine for the company.

Here’s what happened:

Due to a faulty motorised roller door at an Australian warehouse employees sometimes were lifted by a forklift to reach the door when opening and closing it.  Apparently the door had been faulty for some time and a forklift was used to reach it because it was quicker than workers using a ladder.

The employee operating the forklift on the afternoon of the accident did not have a valid licence and lifted the other worker too high, causing him to be crushed against the door and trapped between the roller door and forklift backrest causing injuries to his ribs, back, right shoulder, chest, stomach and lungs.

The company was fined $67,388.25.

What lessons can we learn from this: fix things that are broken, train forklift operators, and never ever lift anyone with a forklift unless you have an approved platform.  Everybody was complicit in this unfortunate sequence of events including the company management, supervisors, forklift operators and the workers who stood on the forks.