Training pedestrians around forklifts in Vancouver

Many forklift accidents in Vancouver involve pedestrians, all avoidable.

Employers are well advised to provide pedestrian training for workers exposed to forklifts. These don’t need to be complicated, just follow simple rules:

  1. caution-forkliftsMake eye contact with the driver.
  2. Keep a safe distance from forklifts.
  3. NEVER assume the operator has seen you or knows where you are or where you are going.
  4. Watch out for the tail swing when the forklift is turning, NEVER be in that zone.
  5. Stay clear of the fall zone when the forklift is working at height.
  6. NEVER walk under raised forks.
  7. If your facility has walkways or mirrors use them.

Martin’s Forklift provides forklift operator and pedestrian training in Greater Vancouver.