The whys of forklift training

In our training programs we really try to explain why something should be done a certain way.  After all we are teaching adults so it’s not good enough to just say “because I said so” as you would to a child.

Why do we insist you drive it slow and keep it low?

Because tipovers are more likely to occur at speed with the forks too high.

Why must you wear your forklift seatbelt?

To keep you in the cab in case of a tipover.

Why must you park with the fork tips down and tilted forward?

So that neither you nor anybody else falls over the forks and breaks your ankle.

Why must you use a 3 point dismount?

To prevent you jumping off, loosing your footing on ice or oil and then breaking your back or cracking your skull on the forklift.

As we always say, the rules and regulations are generally reactive rather than proactive.  And at the end of the day they are there to protect you and your colleagues.