Surrey company fined for forklift related death

A company in Surrey BC has been fined for a worker’s forklift related death. What happened here?

The loaded forklift he was standing next to tipped over and crushed him. The forklift was carrying several slabs of limestone that together weighed about 5,300 lbs and the load was suspended from the forks in two slings. The load became unstable and started to swing while the firm’s owner, who was operating the forklift, was trying to lift and move it. The forklift then tipped over.

Questions one must ask: was the owner trained to operate a forklift, did he know about the capacity of the forklift, was he aware of the reduced capacity because of the way the load was being carried?  Why was the worker standing so close – was he trying to hold the swinging load?

Who was responsible?  The operator of the forklift is directly responsible for the safe operation of the forklift at all times.  In this case it was the owner himself.