Pre use inspection of your forklift

This one comes up again and again.

Let’s be clear: pre shift inspections are mandatory, use a checklist so that you can prove it has been done, and ensure you report and record maintenance issues and get them fixed.   If the forklift is unsafe to use you should also tag it out as well as reporting to your supervisor.  And supervisors you are responsible for making sure the inspections are done and also for ensuring problems get fixed.  If somebody has an accident with a defficient forklift you will all be to blame.

This is what the OHS regs say:

16.34 Start of shift inspection

(1) The operator must inspect the equipment before the start of operation on the shift and thereafter as required to ensure the safe operating condition of the equipment.

(2) The operator must report defects and conditions affecting the safe operation of the equipment to the supervisor or employer.

(3) Any repair or adjustment necessary for the safe operation of the equipment must be made before the equipment is used.

16.6 Supervisor’s responsibility

A supervisor must not knowingly operate or permit a worker to operate mobile equipment which is, or could create, an undue hazard to the health or safety of any person, or is in violation of this Regulation.

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