PPE for forklift and aerial lift operators

During our forklift or aerial lift training courses we always discuss the relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), whether it is fall protection on an order picker or the right kit for topping up forklift batteries or changing propane tanks.   We often find employees don’t know where the PPE is located or how to use it or why.

For employers and supervisors, it is important to note that simply supplying PPE is not enough, WorkSafeBC states that:

“8.7 Instruction

The employer must ensure that a worker who wears personal protective equipment is adequately instructed in the correct use, limitations and assigned maintenance duties for the equipment to be used.”

For operators remember PPE is important, it is there for a reason and you are obliged to use it.

Trip without fall protection and you could be killed or severely injured, splash battery acid in your eyes and it will hurt a lot and may render you blind, if you get propane on your hands it will cause freezer burn.

Not taking the time to inspect and use your PPE could be a very bad decision.