Pedestrians around forklifts

If your business involves forklifts and pedestrians in the same area, beware. Accidents involving a forklift striking a pedestrian are too common. While you have an obligation to train your forklift operators, you also have an obligation to take reasonable precautions to protect pedestrians on your property.  WorkSafe BC says this on the matter:

OHS 16.43 Pedestrian and equipment traffic
(1) Where practicable, designated walkways must be used to separate pedestrian traffic from areas of operation of mobile equipment.

(2) If it is impracticable to provide designated walkways, adequate safe work procedures to minimize the possibility of collision must be used in hazardous work areas, including

(a) the use of a traffic control system,

(b) enforcement of speed limits for mobile equipment,

(c) a requirement for the pedestrian and the mobile equipment operator to acknowledge each other’s presence before the pedestrian proceeds through the hazardous area, or

(d) other effective means.

At the very least, use some warning signage.  More safety resources available at: