Missed rear look

Ever backed up your vehicle without looking behind you first?  I have and I bet most people have – because we are all human.  When you are backing up your car in a parking lot and nudge a fender it’s bad news.  But when you are backing up your forklift and nudge a human body it is terrible news.

Accidents between forklifts and pedestrians continue to be one of the most common causes of serious injury in workplaces where mobile equipment works around people.  And they are all preventable.

Operators and pedestrians must look our for each other all the time every time they move.

If you are on foot remember that forklift is very heavy, you may be in an operator’s blind spot and the forklift cannot stop on a dime.

If you are the operator, remember pedestrians can be unaware and distracted.

Companies must train both operators and pedestrians.