Forklifts are not designed to lift people

A joinery company in the UK has been fined £2,000 after a 76-year-old man died when a caged platform he was in fell off the forklift truck.

Two points stand out here – firstly not much of a fine, but we don’t know all the circumstances.  Secondly, why was the platform not attached to the forklift?

BC regulations are very clear on this matter.  Forklifts are not designed to lift people but if you must do this, make sure you have the right equipment, know how to use it and follow the rules:

13.30 Lift truck (forklift) mounted work platforms

(1) A work platform supported by a lift truck may be used to support people only if other conventional means of access for the task, such as ladders, scaffolds and elevating work platforms, are not practicable.

(2) A work platform must be designed and used in accordance with:

Never, ever stand on a pallet or on the forks, it is illegal, it is dangerous and it is stupid.

Just getting an approved platform doesn’t cut it either – make sure your operators are trained to use it safely.

For upgrade training: