Forklifts and horn use

We often get asked by operators where and when they should use their forklift horn, and then we get asked by their co-workers why do they use their horns so much.

There is no black and white rule but the horn is a very important safety feature of any forklift.

It definitely should be used at the end of an aisle but also at any blind corner – basically if you as the operator cannot see the area you will be travelling into then sound the horn.   Or if you are going into an area where you know there may be other workers, sound the horn.  Passing by a door from a lunchroom or washroom, sound the horn.

For the people who complain, remember that the operator is doing this for your safety to alert you to their presence.  The operator is directly responsible for the safe operation of the forklift at all times and the last thing any operator wants to do is hit a pedestrian.  Of course good pedestrians will acknowledge the first beep and react accordingly but if you ignore it the operator may well sound the horn again.

Try to think of it as the horn telling you they are there and they care, as opposed to thinking it just means get out of my way!