Forklift kills truck driver

A semi truck driver was recently killed at a lumber mill.  The 50 year old truck driver was not new to the facility, he had been there before. Around 1PM he was waiting for his truck to be loaded with lumber and was hit by a large forklift loading other trucks.  The semi truck driver had begun to secure his load with straps while his truck was still being loaded when the forklift backed into him; he was pronounced dead at the scene.  OSHA and the local authorities are investigating the accident.

Every single manufacturing or warehousing operation in the U.S. receives deliveries by semi truck, some of them get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visits each year.  Very few, however, spell out the rules for these visitors in any great detail and even fewer actually follow these rules.  The problem and solutions are a bit different depending on if you load trailers at traditional docks like many companies do, or if you load them from the side, as in this case.  Either way, you should be clarifying the details of who, when, what and why.  Many companies have very formal visitors policies for those coming in the front door, but very few, if any, rules for those coming in the back door, such as semi drivers. If you are looking for guidance from the OSHA forklift standard, don’t, you wont find it.  This is something you will need to come up with on your own based on your specific operations, forklifts, loads and application.

This blog courtesy of Forklift Training Systems of Ohio – it comes from their newsletter.  We thought it was worth repeating.