Forklift accidents continue

Every day there is a serious forklift accident somewhere in the world.  Here are just a few from last week:

“Man killed at Owens Corning, Atlanta – the forklift operator, a 35-year-old man, was not wearing a seat belt while he was moving products.  He fell to the flooor when the forklift tilted, then the forklift fell on him and struck him in the head.”

“Leg amputated after accident with forklift – he was standing in between a forklift and a scoop tram, when a second scoop tram struck the forklift, causing the miner to be pinned between the forklift and the first scoop tram.  His leg was broken very badly and could not be saved.”

“Forklift operator killed at Kraft Foods in Granite City – he was found pinned between an unmanned, automated vehicle that is used to haul and lift loaded pallets, and  a metal racking unit. It was his job to oversee the operation of the unmanned vehicles in the warehouse.”

All different types of accidents, but all involving forklifts and all avoidable.