Forklift accident – two companies fined

An Australian bakery and a transport company have recently been fined a total of $130,000 after a truck driver was struck by a forklift and seriously injured in 2007.  The truck driver was delivering bread to a bakery at the time.

Both companies were found to be at fault.

Here’s what happened:

The metal ramp generally used to unload bread was defective and out of use at the time so the driver chose to the use the forklift instead.  After parking the forklift, he was returning to his truck when the forklift rolled down a ramp and struck him, pinning him against the truck’s trailer.

Investigators found that the forklift’s brakes were defective; but  the defective forklift was left with the keys in it and the truck driver had inadequate forklift training.

Authorities concluded:  this incident occurred because the bakery did not secure the faulty forklift to prevent it from being used and because the trucking company did not train its drivers to check forklifts before operating them, nor did they provide a safe method for workers to load and unload bread from their vehicles.

Another accident that could have been prevented with proper training.

TIP: if your forklift is defective, tag it out!