Just call us on 604-839-6517. We will ask for specific details of your operation — what type of forklifts or aerial lifts are you using, how much (if any) previous experience do the trainees have, do they have any learning issues (e.g. language ability), have you had any accidents or near misses. The more information you provide the more we can ensure our program meets your needs.

We invoice your company upon completion and our terms are invoice payable on receipt. We also accept corporate credit card payment — Visa or MasterCard.

We appreciate a minimum 72 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule. If a class is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the program rate may apply.

Yes, we have liability insurance and WorkSafeBC coverage for our instructors.

WorkSafeBC stipulates operators must receive compliant and documented theory and practical training. This means that even an experienced operator needs to take the full course. Sadly, statistics show that mature, experienced operators are just as likely to have an accident as new, young inexperienced workers.

No, we don’t. You can’t learn to drive mobile equipment on a computer.

Regulations stipulate that training should be site and equipment specific. If you send your employees to a school to learn how to drive a forklift or aerial lift, they will not be learning how to operate your equipment in your environment. While they may be able to operate in a parking lot or simulated workplace, they may not be able to cope with the real challenges of a busy manufacturing or distribution warehouse. We spend a lot of time on workplace specific safety concerns in our courses, identifying potential hazards, recommending ways to lessen the danger in high traffic areas and familiarizing operators with the controls and special operating conditions of their own equipment. For this reason we only offer on site training.

Some employees find the classroom theory challenging, while others may find the equipment and practical training intimidating. As certified instructors, we are accustomed to pacing our courses to the ability of the trainees. Having said that we cannot guarantee a pass and if we find a would-be operator who is just not destined to operate your type of equipment, we will say so. We take safety very seriously and treat all our customers’ facilities as if they were our own — meaning if we would not want an individual driving a forklift or aerial lift in our workplace we won’t certify them to drive in yours.

This is one of the saddest excuses we hear for non-compliance with the training requirements. Time may be money but an accident will cost you a lot more in both time and money. Negligent employers who do not comply may face heavy fines or even business closure. Coupled with the distress of a fatal or disabling accident, such an incident can cripple a business. We will not and cannot rush the training. Employees can take frequent breaks and we can work around your schedule but we do not take short cuts.

Your company receives all the necessary documentation upon course completion and we keep copies of all the evaluations we conduct. For any operator we train our program management system allows us to track the date when they are due for recertification.