Fall from forklift injures politician

Those who follow international politics or cricket may have heard of Imran Khan.  Those who follow rules and regulations on forklift use may not.  But this week  we received a news alert about a bizarre accident that involves both.

Khan apparently sustained injuries, including a fracture of the head, when he fell 14 feet off a forklift that was hoisting him on to a stage at an election meeting in Pakistan.  He had 11 stitches in his head and is still in hospital.  Party leaders said he would not be able to head their campaign (presumably no pun intended) due to his injuries. Pakistan votes on May 11.

Can you imagine this ever happening in Canada – a prominent politician doing something so stupid?  Some may argue that our politicians do indeed do stupid things but I can’t remember the last time I saw Christy Clark campaigning without a hard hat, let alone flaunting safety regulations.

So let this be a reminder, WorkSafeBC regulations on forklift mounted work platforms are very, very clear.  Find them here: scroll down to Division 5. Section 13.30.

And don’t forget, BC votes on Tuesday May 14.  Who knows who we will be hoisting into power, but I do know it won’t be with a forklift!