Failing forklift tests

Every so often we come across individuals who either won’t or can’t learn how to safely operate a forklift.  These are the ones who fail the test.  In today’s society the word “failure” is considered politically incorrect, but when it comes to safety there is no room for such niceties.

Reasons for failure include:

No desire to operate a forklift – employers should save their money and exclude these individuals from training.  If somebody really does not want to learn, they won’t.

Fear of the equipment – some individuals are intimidated by heavy equipment.  It is possible to overcome this fear but these people will usually be nervous operators.

No spatial awareness – these are the trainees who just can’t seem to judge distances, clearances or height.  Worse still they are often not even aware of this weakness so they surprise themselves when they get it wrong.  These people are rarely going to become safe operators.

Zero interest in safety – these are the ones who simply don’t care about their own safety or the safety of others working with them.  These are dangerous workers and to be avoided at all costs.

So when we get asked do people fail, yes they do.  Some are just not destined to become safe forklift operators.