Driving your forklift into a trailer

Driving forklifts into tractor trailers (trucks), can be very hazardous.  Apart from the obvious, such as: making sure the dockplate is correctly positioned and can withstand the weight of the forklift and load, ensuring you have adequate height clearance for your forklift, checking that the trailer’s wheels are chocked and if there is no cab that the front end is supported, looking at the floor of the trailer and making sure there are no holes – there are also some even more common sense checks to be done.  Can you see?  Are your docklights and forklift lights on – if not it is liking driving in the dark; can you breathe?  i.e. does your forklift emit excessive propane fumes; where is the driver of the trailer?  – is he jumping around behind you, inside his trailer or some other unsafe spot.

The bottom line is the operator of the forklift is directly responsible for the safe operation of the forklift at all times, so it is this individual who should do these checks and, after all, it is in the operator’s own interests for his or her own safety.

But supervisors you should make sure these procedures are followed.