Check your forklift and check your load

Step 1 to safe operation is the pre-use inspection – we have talked about this many times before, it is easy to do, it doesn’t take long and it could make the difference between safe and unsafe operation.

Why check your machine?  To make sure it has not been damaged since you last used it and to check that all functions are operating correctly – steering, brakes, horn, hydraulics and more – it is better to find out if there is a problem before you start handling any loads. Email from our resources page for sample checklists that you can use.

Step 2 is check the load – what are you looking for?  Is it within the capacity of the forklift, is it stable, does it need wrapping or strapping, can you get the load all the way to the back of the forks, is it too tall to see over (then drive in reverse or use a spotter), is the pallet damaged?  It is far better to do these checks before you try to handle the load.

Next time: steps 3 and 4, check your environment and check your clearances.