Forklift safety for all

Reported incidents with forklifts in BC in the last 6 months include fractures, internal injuries, crushing and bruising. Often it is not the operator but a pedestrian who is injured. Employers please remember just training the operators is not enough, you must also ensure you systematically supervise safe operation and all that entails. Identifying and […]

Aerial Lift safety training

Forklift, boom lift or scissor lift use in a public area means the operator must ensure safety for pedestrians.   Not like this! Cones, cordons or flag persons help to keep people out of the working area.  In Martin’s Forklift corporate training programs we always cover this topic.

Forklifts Vancouver winter driving

Driving your forklift in Vancouver winter weather – beware: Many forklifts have slick solid tires, totally unsuitable for ice or snow, don’t even think about it. Using a propane indoors – keep the bay doors open so you can breathe. You should only drive outdoors for extended periods if your forklift has an enclosed cab […]