Forklift inspection is a must

Don’t be surprised if after taking our training program your forklift operators become more demanding about maintenance issues. Poorly maintained forklifts account for many workplace accidents. Using an unsafe forklift puts everybody at risk. The chain of command is clear – operators inspect the equipment, supervisors are responsible for ensuring they do that and the […]

Forklift safety is a continuous process

To ensure continuous safe forklift operation, employers must ensure operator training is part of a larger comprehensive lift truck safety program. This includes ongoing identification and prompt correction of hazardous situations; and monitoring and supervision to ensure that lift trucks are operated in a safe manner.  Ask us about site and equipment specific forklift operator training […]

Forklift operator training prices for Vancouver business

The cost to provide forklift training at your Vancouver business varies depending on the group size, experience level and how many different types of forklift have to be covered. If you are shopping around make sure all prices include theory and practical training that complies with the WorkSafeBC and CSA standard, as well as full […]

Do employees need training on powered pallet trucks, walk behind or walkie riders?

Yes, they do. Powered pallet trucks are classified as a Class 3 forklift and, like all mobile equipment, operator training is required. This training should include providing operators with both theory and practical training. They might look simple to use but accidents with this equipment are very common. These range from minor injuries to feet […]

Day of Mourning BC April 28 2016

April 28, 2016 is the National Day of Mourning for workers who died on the job. This may be something you don’t like to think about, but it is a very good reminder of why we all need to work safe, every day everywhere every second. WorkSafeBC resources on this are available here.    

Wacky stacking forklift loads

Recent accidents have emphasized yet again that wacky stacking doesn’t cut it. Forklift operators are responsible for ensuring loads are stable and secure, both when travelling with the load and when stacking. WorkSafeBC regs can be found here and here. If it looks unstable, don’t stack it there. Remember even a light load from height […]

Forklifts and carbon monoxide poisoning

Engine powered forklifts emit carbon monoxide which can kill.  This includes propane forklifts. When are you most likely to be exposed to this?  When you are driving your forklift in and out of trailers or indoors hazardous concentrations can build up very quickly. How do you feel?  The symptoms of CO poisoning are nausea, headache, […]

Common factors in forklift accidents

The list of common factors in forklift accidents has not changed much over the years but if you want a handy reminder check out the CCOHS easy to read fact sheets. Now go and look at your workplace and see how many of these factors exist. Then think about how you can either eliminate these […]