Forklift safety training tip

This is a classic example of a badly parked forklift.  Forks are a serious tripping hazard for everybody. You an easily break your ankle or be cut by incorrectly positioned fork tips.   All forklift training programs must cover correct parking and shutdown procedures. And guess who most often falls over the forks – the operator! […]

Forklift load safety and operator training

Unstable loads are dangerous and can cause injuries.  Even a light box flying off the forks or falling from height is going to harm pedestrians in its path.  Forklift operator training must cover load safety. Operators need to be able to assess if a load is within the capacity of the forklift, stable on the […]

Forklift safety and speed

The safe speed for a forklift is one that will allow a controlled stop at all times.  A controlled stop is one that involves hitting nothing and not losing the load. What this means is that operators need to take into account the load, the ground conditions, the forklift’s tires and brake condition as well […]

Forklifts and pedestrian safety

Thousands of pedestrians are injured by forklifts every year.  Ideally pedestrians and forklifts should not be sharing the same space, but in the real working world it is not always possible to separate them.  So what can an employer do?   Train the forklift operators and educate the pedestrians.  Although pedestrians have the right of […]

Thank you to all our customers!

Thank you to all the forklift and aerial lift operators we have trained in 2017 – from Campbell River to Parksville, Vancouver, Sechelt and beyond.  Wishing you happy and safe holidays from Martin’s Forklift Training.  Remember drive it slow, keep it low and look behind before you go and always be a “smooth operator”.

Supervising forklift operators after training

Many operators drive superbly during training evaluation, but making sure they continue to do so is down to consistent supervision.  Supervisors have a tough job, balancing making sure the work gets done on time with safe operation.  But at the end of the day remember it is always better to be safe than sorry.  During […]

Speeding forklifts can kill

Excessive speed is one of the major causes of forklift accidents. Why? Forklifts are heavier than most cars, carry heavy loads, turn very sharply and can easily become unstable, work in tight spaces near people, sometimes on slippery surfaces, and take longer to stop than a car. The right speed is one that will ensure […]

Vancouver forklift training on loading docks

Loading docks are dangerous places for forklift operators – a lot can go wrong, with slippery uneven surfaces, truck drivers in a hurry and often not much space to move. If your operators work on a loading dock make sure their Vancouver forklift training covers safe procedures for this operation. Check these resources for more […]