Forklift safety and speed

The safe speed for a forklift is one that will allow a controlled stop at all times.  A controlled stop is one that involves hitting nothing and not losing the load. What this means is that operators need to take into account the load, the ground conditions, the forklift’s tires and brake condition as well […]

Site and equipment specific forklift training – Comox Valley

For employers of forklift operators the best way to ensure safe operation is to get site and equipment specific training. Martin’s Forklift provides professional on site training for companies in the Comox Valley. We come to your location and train your employees with your forklift so they can safely handle loads in the regular working […]

Forklift safety is your responsibility

If you are an employer in BC you are responsible for ensuring your forklift operators have been trained. If you are an operator you are responsible for safe operation of your forklift. If you work near forklifts you are also responsible for your own safety by following pedestrian rules. And if you are a supervisor […]

Supervising forklift operators after training

Many operators drive superbly during training evaluation, but making sure they continue to do so is down to consistent supervision.  Supervisors have a tough job, balancing making sure the work gets done on time with safe operation.  But at the end of the day remember it is always better to be safe than sorry.  During […]