Forklift safety training tip

Forklift safety training tip

This is a classic example of a badly parked forklift.  Forks are a serious tripping hazard for everybody. You an easily break your ankle or be cut by incorrectly positioned fork tips.   All forklift training programs must cover correct parking and shutdown procedures. And guess who most often falls over the forks – the operator! […]

Forklift load safety and operator training

Unstable loads are dangerous and can cause injuries.  Even a light box flying off the forks or falling from height is going to harm pedestrians in its path.  Forklift operator training must cover load safety. Operators need to be able to assess if a load is within the capacity of the forklift, stable on the […]

Forklift training reduces product damage

Less product damage is an added benefit to professional forklift operator training.   Operators need to be able to accurately judge: fork height, fork length,  and tilt angle to avoid damaging loads.  Broken pallets can further complicate safe handling. All subjects covered in our on-site forklift training.