Aerial Lift safety training

Forklift, boom lift or scissor lift use in a public area means the operator must ensure safety for pedestrians.   Not like this! Cones, cordons or flag persons help to keep people out of the working area.  In Martin’s Forklift corporate training programs we always cover this topic.

Forklift safety and speed

The safe speed for a forklift is one that will allow a controlled stop at all times.  A controlled stop is one that involves hitting nothing and not losing the load. What this means is that operators need to take into account the load, the ground conditions, the forklift’s tires and brake condition as well […]

Forklifts and pedestrian safety

Thousands of pedestrians are injured by forklifts every year.  Ideally pedestrians and forklifts should not be sharing the same space, but in the real working world it is not always possible to separate them.  So what can an employer do?   Train the forklift operators and educate the pedestrians.  Although pedestrians have the right of […]

Vancouver forklift training on loading docks

Loading docks are dangerous places for forklift operators – a lot can go wrong, with slippery uneven surfaces, truck drivers in a hurry and often not much space to move. If your operators work on a loading dock make sure their Vancouver forklift training covers safe procedures for this operation. Check these resources for more […]

Forklifts Vancouver winter driving

Driving your forklift in Vancouver winter weather – beware: Many forklifts have slick solid tires, totally unsuitable for ice or snow, don’t even think about it. Using a propane indoors – keep the bay doors open so you can breathe. You should only drive outdoors for extended periods if your forklift has an enclosed cab […]

Forklift hazards

Forklift hazards come in many forms – for both operators and people working near them. In a 5 year period 2,800 workers were injured in accidents involving forklifts in BC, seven of them fatally.  Check out this WorkSafeBC resource on forklift hazards and how to avoid them. During our on-site forklift operator training programs for businesses throughout […]