Forklift training reduces product damage

Less product damage is an added benefit to professional forklift operator training.   Operators need to be able to accurately judge: fork height, fork length,  and tilt angle to avoid damaging loads.  Broken pallets can further complicate safe handling. All subjects covered in our on-site forklift training.  

Professional forklift operator training

Professionally trained forklift operators are always smooth – this includes stopping, starting, lifting and tilting. How to be smooth? Use a light touch on the controls, don’t be ham-fisted on the levers or heavy footed on the pedals. A properly maintained forklift operated by a professional operator should be like a well-choreographed dance. Not only […]

Forklift inspection is a must

Don’t be surprised if after taking our training program your forklift operators become more demanding about maintenance issues. Poorly maintained forklifts account for many workplace accidents. Using an unsafe forklift puts everybody at risk. The chain of command is clear – operators inspect the equipment, supervisors are responsible for ensuring they do that and the […]

Day of Mourning BC April 28 2016

April 28, 2016 is the National Day of Mourning for workers who died on the job. This may be something you don’t like to think about, but it is a very good reminder of why we all need to work safe, every day everywhere every second. WorkSafeBC resources on this are available here.